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  5. "Manges-tu du poisson ?"

"Manges-tu du poisson ?"

Translation:Are you eating fish?

April 17, 2018



Hiw do you differentiate between "Are you eating fish?" and "Do you eat fish?"

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In most cases you don't have to differentiate. Continuous tenses are not as common as in English. Also, often you can get the mode of continuity from the context. But when it's important to tell, then instead “Je mange du poisson” you can say “Je suis en train de manger du poisson” (literally like: I am in the process of eating fish).


I would like an answer also. I believe this would be like Dutch where it means both depending on context. Dutch also has no differentiation between continuous and present.

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You can say something similar in Dutch: “Ik eet vis“ → “Ik ben vis aan het eten” (literally: I am fish at the eating – I am eating fish).

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…and German: “Ich bin am Fischessen“ (literally: I am at the fish-eating – I am eating fish).


Why is "Are you eating some fish? Incorrect? I thought du was some versus le which is the?


In several previous examples du/some was used correctly. I'm confused as to why this time it is incorrect.


why is there a - after manges-?


Relevant question, dont know why you've been downvoted.

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How do I know whether to say

“Manges-tu du poisson” or

“Est-ce que tu manges du poisson”?


Still can't see a clear answer on why this sentence is incorrect if translated as "Do you eat fish?" Thanks


Is the answer "are you eating some fish" not accurate?


'Manges-tu' hasn't been discussed anywhere yet as a way of asking a question. I am confused.

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New grammatical phenomena are introduced in the tips & notes section of the respective skills. You find them by clicking on the light-bulb button of the skill – in a web browser. Unfortunately this feature is not available in the mobile app.

One method of making a question is to take the corresponding statement and invert subject and verb.

Find the tips & notes of the skill “Questions” here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Questions/tips-and-notes


The tips should be made available on the app too.


If you are not giving me the complete conjugation of the verb, I'll continue making mistakes

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