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new to learning russian.

Hi im new to learning russian, it just recently peaked my interest to learn it so here i am but does anyone have any tips learning it wise?

April 17, 2018



Start with the alphabet and pronunciation, then learn more vocabulary and grammar. Russian is a very tricky language with a lot of rules and exceptions, cases and conjugations, but if have the passion and patience, you'll be able to go through it all. Good luck!


Duolingo is how many % from 100 for you ?


Welcome to you from the Russian club :))). Well, here are my top recommendations:

-Master the alphabet, so that you can read any word in Russian (even one you don't know). This allows you to not just read, but pick up cognates quickly.

-Listen to the sounds, on movies, YouTube, or whatever. This lets you pick up the pronunciation better. Sometimes the English equivalents cannot properly express.

-Practice every day, even when it is challenging...which, it will be. Any language is. And, don't hesitate to ask your questions here!

Best of luck to you!


What way would you recommend to learn aplhabet? I'm from Czech, so it's easier for me to understand by listening than by reading.


I am not so sure picking up cognates is going to be easy. For example, хлеб, жить and изумруд are cognate with "loaf", "vitality" and "emerald" but I wonder how mastering the alphabet can help you see that.


Take notes and practice a lot with the alphabet. It can be quite tricky. I'd focus on the pronunciations for a good while before moving on to vocabulary and grammar.


listen to a Russian radio station.


Go live to Russian speaking country.


I always recommend this site: learnrussian.rt.com Also, the Duolingo reverse tree is perfect for essential vocabulary. Удачи! :)

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