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New Crown system

What is the preferred method of using the "Crown" system to complete exercises and demonstrate progress in my English to German practice?

April 17, 2018



Thanks Hannibal. I like your approach. Although I am getting tired of being "A man, a woman, a girl, a boy, some girls, some boys, some women and some men." It limits your conversation options a bit.Have a lingot.


You're level 23, so you are not limited to duolingo's resources anymore. I bet you've already read some German books/papers and watched some movies or blogs in German. As we all know, Duo can take you just so far, after that you need to leave your old master and find your own way (sorry for the "fortune cookie" babble, but it seemed so fitting ;-)


Love it! I don't come across many fortune cookies in my life, so I will treasure that one.


For me, I am trying to lift the crowns to an equal level. To avoid boredom, I start some 5 different skills and do one lesson each. After reaching a new crown, I start with the next one to three skills untill I am down to the last skill. After that, I will change to another language (now it's Spanish from German, after that, I am going to finish English from Spanish, and so on,...)

I earned some 15 new crowns so far and this seems to be a sign of progress. Additionally, I feel that I have more fun than before ;-)

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Try going to https://www.duolingo.eu/francesch/progress and you will find all sorts of info on your study. You can click on by Strength, by Crowns, by Date, and by Skill Name Also, you can click on ALL the symbols and something will pop up. Even clicking on the lesson names takes you somewhere. It is fun to play around with and this may give you some ideas on how to proceed.


Thanks for that. At least I've had a go at some of the little stories. I'll look at the other bits you suggested as well.

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