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"Sa fille est une adolescente."

Translation:His daughter is a teenager.

April 17, 2018



Not sure if it is obvious, but how would you change this to her daughter is a teenager?


It would be the same sentence. Context will distinguish it for you.

But if the distinction is absolutely necessary, you may say "sa fille à elle est une adolescente."


It's the same sentence! When talking about possesion, the gender of the possesive term (sa/son) depends on that of what is owned. For example, son frère and sa sœur could both mean either his/her brother and his/her sister. The only exception is when the object begins with a vowel, which is when it will always be masucline (for the sake of pronunciation). So we'd always say son ami AND son amie, instead of sa amie or s'amie.


why is it not HER daughter?


His girl is a teenager?

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