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"Dem Fuchs würde sie nichts abgeben."

Translation:She would not give anything to the fox.

April 17, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Why is "she would give nothing to the fox" considered wrong and "she would not give anything to the fox" is proposed as correct. Aren't they both correct?


    Sounds ok to me. I've added it as an alternative :)

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks a lot for your effort!


      I think an English speaker had a lot of fun creating this sentence. If you don't German well, it looks like it might mean, "she didn't give any ❤❤❤❤❤" (meaning that she actively and vigorously does not care about something).

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      What is the difference (if any) between geben and abgeben?


      abgeben usually has the connotation of sharing, I would say.

      For example, if she gives the fox some cake from the buffet, that would simply be geben, but if she is sharing part of her own cake with the fix, that would be abgeben.


      I think it's the difference between give and give away.


      give away is rather "weggeben". Abgeben - as mizinamo wrote already - is actually share So "she would not share with the fox" seems the best translation to me.


      Doesn't accept, "She would give up nothing to the fox"????!!!!


      What's wrong with "To the fox, she would not give anything?" We do that in English and it's obvious that here they're emphasizing "to the fox."


      Would the s at the end of nichts indicate the plural part?



      nicht = not, nichts = nothing / not anything


      Warum haben wir "anything?"


      "nothing" is basically the same as "not ... anything" -- "they would not give the fox anything" = "they would give the fox nothing" = sie würden dem Fuchs nichts geben.


      I thought abgeben could mean surrender or give up. I suggested 'she would not give up the fox" eg wanting to keep it Can someone explain why it is wrong Many thanks


      dem Fuchs is in the dative case, indicating that it is the recipient, not the “victim” of the giving.

      And etwas abgeben with only an accusative object can indeed mean “surrender, give up”, but jemandem etwas abgeben with a dative object as well I would interpret as sharing something with someone, giving someone a part of something, rather than “giving up”.


      Thanks so much

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