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German stories

The German stories series are an absolutely excellent teaching and learning medium. They are both entertaining and gently challenging. As the series progresses, would it be possible to have some stories that are excerpts from German literature, both classical and modern? The most recent set contains a story called Der Jäger, which I suspect comes from German literature. More stories like that would be ausgezeichnet!

April 17, 2018



I agree. Great idea!


I like the idea also - the only concern I could think of might be associated with copyrights. And yes, I DEFINITELY like the stories!


Just pick stories where the author has been dead for at least 70 years and then copyright won't be an issue.


But then you might have issues with the spelling of it. I may be wrong, but I heard after WWII the german language was revised, especially in matters of spelling. This might make it confusing for someone still learning.


For Copyright the GEMA can tell what is free if someone asks there. Spelling? In Germany was a reform in the 90s we now use for example the "ß" only there where it was before if the sound is long like in "Straße" (Street) but it is also accepted if someone uses the old Style if it is not in business or Abitur. If someone want to use the old way of writing German it should be completely. Mixed is not truely accepted here. In school we still read old texts too without correcting them. There is a respect for another time included. Especially literature that became famous like from Gottfried Ephrahim Lessing, von Goethe, Thomas Mann, Schiller, Gerhard Hauptmann, Berthold Brecht and some more


We need more German Stories, please!


Agree, there have been new stories added to the French program in the past months, but no fresh updates for German for quite a while. Absolutely necessary. :))


I would like to be able to get to my level o9 within the German stories instead of getting a 404 not found error.


Oh they’re awesome! I go through them so quickly just out of entertainment (also a sure fire way to reach your goals and keep progressing on the league)


You're right! They should do more stories,because there are only 144 german stories. Plus, they give 24 XP! God, I like those stories!


Here are a couple of great links for any noobs like me who are looking for supplementary materials.

https://www.thegermanproject.com/ https://www.thefablecottage.com/german

Hope they help! :P


10 lingots for sharing these great links :)


I've just tried the stories for the first time and they were fantastic! What a fabulous surprise and I'm only a beginner ... Excellent work DL.


"gently challenging"? Really? Just wait until you hit the fourth batch. They suddenly double in complexity and difficulty. Had to let stories go at that point and I'm Level 23 in German. Instead of fun and rewarding with new vocab, grammar and idioms, they became a source of frustration.


Have you gone back since to retry them? I've found that when I hit a jump in complexity. I need to give myself time to catch up in the lessons then head back.


When are the next stories coming? I would like to continue


I love the stories and am glad there are new ones. It is rather fun to do the same story in different languages, and listening comprehension is the area I need help with right now. There are some glitches, though, and not all of the stories have a response panel at the end. Fortunately, said glitches are minor. One trivial example: there is a story in German called "Jasmir' which does not contain that word. I suspect "Jasmir" is the protagonist's name, which is now "Jason".


Where do we post mistakes for the stories? After each lesson, there is the error reporting button, which redirects the user promptly to its respective forum thread, but for stories I couldn't find any... There is a mistake in the Robbery story I'd like to report. The question: Klicke auf das Wort mit der Bedeutung „sich nicht bewegen können“ seems to be wrong (the correct answer is not one of the four selections).


It is so adictive!


I notice some more German stories have been uploaded recently (December 2020). All are on the elementary level. But some stories have been removed, in particular 2042. Why the removals? This doesn't make sense to me. I feel that the more German stories we have, the better.

I also notice that the old sets of ten have been reorganized into sets of four. What purpose does this serve?

Can a moderator or company representative answer these questions?


While working on my French course, I've gotten a message that I've unlocked more stories, so I assume that they are changing the story system so that only the stories that are appropriate for your current level in the course are available. This seems like a good idea to me.


hanspersson: What you say might explain why the stories were reorganized. But it doesn't explain why some just aren't there anymore. I'd finished the previous version of the German tree (everything gold) and also worked through all the stories. Like others, I lost my golden owl when the tree was revised. As for the stories, the gold stories are still there along with the new ones, except for the few that were apparently deleted.


I'm still waiting to get the updated German course. :/


Maybe you're lucky you don't have it. It's full of errors: wrong vocalizations in the synthetic voices (e.g. Tech instead of Tag for "day"), frequent failure to capitalize Sie when needed, occasional grammatical errors, and very limited choices of translations (e.g., "Ich sagte ihm alles" accepts the translation "I told him everything", but not "I told everything to him.") If I were on the production team, I'd consider this tree to still be in beta.

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