"Ich trinke meinen Kaffee normalerweise mit viel Milch und Zucker."

Translation:I usually drink my coffee with a lot of milk and sugar.

April 17, 2018

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"I drink my coffee normally with a lot of milk and sugar" was rejected. Reported.


    That word order sounds strange to me... Wouldn't "I normally drink my coffee..." be better?


    To me as a native speaker (NC, USA), both of those options sound totally fine. Perhaps a regional difference?


    I agree with you Mark244488. The word order sounds fine either way. I'm from KY, USA.


    Can 'normalerweise' be translated as 'Usually'?


    Im from upstate NY and i agree that your first suggestions sounds weird to me, but probably not weird enough for me to even notice in conversation. Probably regional. I said "i drink my coffee with milk and sugar normally"


    I'm from Ohio, and I agree. Both ways sound fine. I reported it too.


    I'm in Australia and either way sounds fine with me too and no-one would think anything of it if someone puts it as that. I too wrote it as ""I drink my coffee normally with a lot of milk and sugar" and was surprised when this was marked as wrong.

    I've reported this too hoping its fixed.


    Why it's "viel" after MIT, it should be "vieler milch" right?


    I am also confused with the viel here... My guess is that viel is an undetermined amount, so it does not go into the dative plural... but it should still be dative....


    Why it's "viel" after MIT, it should be "vieler milch" right?


    They don't accept normally in both cases..


    The position of "normally" in the sentence implies that you drink your coffee in a normal manner, rather than how you tend to have it.


    Longest sentence in Duolingo until this lesson


    Why doesn't "viel" change into "vielEN"? It is supposed to function as the dative case? Right?


    Does it matter where normalerweise goes (as long as it's after the verb)? Eg. Can you say Ich Trinke normalerweise meinen Kaffee... Etc.?


    I'll ask my friends.


    I drink my coffee normally with a lot of milk and sugar Should be accepted. It is a normal variation of the statement in English. Which the goal is to translate into phrases which are normally used in English correct? One would want to use common language and not sound like someone who has no clue to the English language.

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    This audio is driving me mad. I expect to hear language spoken less clearly when I am a resident in Germany but when learning, it is no help to hear a word like "viel" sounding like "Tee", even after five hearings.


    This is the comment I was looking for. This is exactly the way I heard it also.


    "Ordinarily I drink my coffee with a lot of milk and sugar" should also be considered. I said that and was marked wrong.


    I drink my coffee usually with lot of milk and sugar is correct


    If you said I drink the coffee it would be Ich trinke den Kaffee as it's a masculine noun and the coffee is in the accusative case. You (nominative) are drinking (verb) the coffee (accusative). So the same rules apply to the use of possessive pronouns eg meinen Bruder, deine Schwester etc. Google a German possessive pronouns chart.


    thank you! i thought it was complicated than that


    Where did the 'normalerweise' = 'normally' go?


    I generally drink my coffee with lots of milk and sugar. That should have been accepted


    Why does it sound like she's says "meinem Kaffee" instead of "meinen Kaffee"?


    Finally a sentence I can see myself using ... as opposed to "My cat is paying for me", "The girl washes her second strawberry".


    Yes Mark244488, I wrote that too as it is a perfectly normal way of answering that statement. I suppose one could say that it is emphasising how one normally takes their coffee, as opposed to sometimes taking it differently. Hey ho, I won't be earning a PERFECT today, that is clear :)


    Usually I drink my coffee with a lot of milk a sugar. Not accepted so how should I decide what to ephasize when in other German sentences it is mixed up beyond belief?

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