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"Are you stupid? That plan is dangerous!"

Translation:SuQIp'a'? Qob nabvetlh!

April 17, 2018



given the use of the exclamation point, I believe he alternate answer with "Qobqu'" should also be accepted. This would also make this example my first encounter with a "choose all the correct answers" question that had more than one correct answer.


Did the system decide to give you Qobqu' in what it thought was a distractor sentence? (Possibly a result of the fact that Qobqu' is listed as an alternative form of Qob ... this courses uses the "forms" feature of Duolingo in a rather unorthodox way.)

We generally try to be consistent about translating -qu' into "very / extremely / really", or using an alternative word such as "huge" (versus "big"), so I'd prefer not to accept Qobqu' for merely "dangerous", exclamation mark or not.


Yep, one of the distractors only differed from the "correct" sentence in this way.

I appreciate the limitation you're putting on your exemplars of -qu', but then why have the exclamation point in the English? -qu' signals intensity, and that's what that punctuation conveys.

And too, it would have been very nice to finally have multiple correct answers on an exercise. :)


Ah, I misunderstood you earlier -- I thought that you did have two correct answers.

(Because there are two "blue-starred" answers possible; one with {SuQIp'a'} and one with {bIQIp'a'}. I thought it might have picked both of those to include in the multiple-choice exercise.)


I did have two correct answers, one with Qob and one with Qobqu'.

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