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Trouble accessing what is posted to my stream and my emails from Duolingo

For several days now, I have been unable to access what people post on my stream via my email account. I use Windows Vista and when I open an email that says "JohnQPublic has posted on your stream" there is no button for me to take me to the activity. It is a real pain in the behind to have to go through my stream every time to find something that may have been posted many hours previously. Why is this happening to me? Is it happening to anyone else? Can you fix it for me? I miss these exchanges with my Duo pals. Thanks, JoLynne

April 22, 2014



Hi jolynnedougherty! Sorry, but I can't answer your question about the notification, as I do not use them for stream posts. However, I do know a quicker and more efficient way of finding your previous posts and such. Rather than checking from activity, which shows both your own activities and your the people whom you are following's activities, you can check from your profile, which only shows your own activities. From there, you can simply open your previous posts. You can go to your profile by clicking your profile picture and then My Profile.

Hope this is a better way! :)


Thank you so much! That is so much easier!

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