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"Die Bibliothek ist hinter der Post."

Translation:The library is behind the post office.

April 17, 2018



Why behind the post is marked wrong? The post should be fine for der Post


In German, die Post can refer to "the postal service" as an organisation, "the post office" as a building, and to "the post" as the postal system or the items that are transported through it. Only the second meaning makes any sense when interpreting this sentence (unless there is a pile of envelopes and parcels several metres high, behind which the library is).


"....the post" should be accepted. It's a completely normal English expression.

  • 1924

Susan, not in American English, in my opinion. Perhaps in England or Australia?


Why not "the mail"?


Why not "the mail"?

Because from the context, we are talking about buildings.

The library is behind another building -- a post office.

It's not behind a pile of letters.


You're kidding. I have to say "post office" and not just "post" or you mark it wrong?

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