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"The animal drinks during the night."

Translation:Das Tier trinkt während der Nacht.

April 17, 2018



Während is a genitive preposition, and Nacht is a feminine noun. Therefore, the article here is "der".


I thought genitive was where we used the form 'of the' . 'Of the' seems a bit strange here, as if we're saying the animal drinks during of the night?


In the tips of this lesson, there's a weird sentence saying : "Trotz des Regnets geht spielt er Fußball". Can someone please tell me how the sentence works? As in, what does that "geht" do in there ?


Das Tier trinkt während der Nacht...reporting as wrong should be correct please cnfm...


Why does this sentence begin with 'Das Tier trinkt' instead of with 'währen' like in the holiday example ('Während der Ferien mache icht nichts')?

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