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  5. "It is a new book."

"It is a new book."

Translation:Es un libro nuevo.

March 23, 2013



How come "es un nuevo libro" was wrong when I translated it earlier and here another translation was suggested and it's "es un libro nuevo" so in this case, can nuevo and libro be enterchaged just like how adjectives go after the noun?


Is El es un libro nuevo incorrect?


Yes it is incorrect to use El here. Its saying " it is a new book". So Es for it is. No purpose of El here.


Seems like "he is a new book". Not usual, but if a (personal, subject) pronoun is required, "ello" would be used, or else a demonstrative pronoun, like this, that, este/esto, ese/eso


Lo es un libro nuevo, should be able to work.


I'm new but that doesn't make sense to me :P lo = 'it' as if I were to say "Yo lo hago" "I do it", and es = is, or in this case "it is". Es already covers the word 'it' in this case. Same reason why el es un libro nuevo wouldn't work. And I don't believe lo would go at the beginning of a sentence.


I remember, lo can take place of libro. Lo es nuevo = "it is new".


Why is "Esta" inappropriate? It won't always be new right?


But right now it is. A young person "es joven" even though they will not be young forever. The permanent/temporary 'rule' is not hard and fast.


I'm still pretty new at this, but from what I've seen so far it appears to depend more on whether or not it is an inherent or changeable quality rather than whether or not it is a permanent quality. Something may not be new or young forever, but you can't change the fact that it is right now. Is this an accurate way of looking at it, or just a coincidence in the examples I've seen so far?


The transitory state rule to distinguish between ser and estar is more a rule of thumb than a fixed law. There are many subtleties. This case can be a little bit confusing and difficult to explain and I don´t want to misguide you but I think in general that if you think of something as an answer to What, you should use es, while if you answer to how, you use está. Again this can be a tricky rule and you have to be careful.


Es un huevo nuevo!


I write "esto es un nuevo libro" and it means the same


Why is ..es un nuevo libro wrong?


It's accepted by Duo now.


No it's not. I just tried it and was marked incorrect.

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