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Need more active language learning friends!

Bonjour-Hola-Ni hao- Privyet- Ciao
This my first time making a post! I'm learning to speak multiple languages but the language I'm most passionate about is French! I'm looking for some new friends that also share an interest in learning and speaking with others! If you agree with me then go ahead and hit that follow button and we'll link up! Au revoir mes amis!

April 17, 2018



Ill follow if you folow!


Awesome! just followed back :) wow good dedication with the streaks! Hopefully I can catch up :p


For sure mon ami!

[deactivated user]


    Sweet thanks! I followed you guys :)


    Awesome! for sure always down to follow


    If you are really caring for friends,why you do not react to comments?


    Sorry! I was in school well still am but I'd love to connect with people around the world that like learning languages! My names Hope I think I'm close to a level 17 as well. What made you start learning french?


    Thank you for your responce.Now I started to believe you. It is my pleasure to connect with you in french discussion. That appears to be vital way to absorb and fix language.I also admire your experience in Japanese and I hope to find my self one day a japanese speaker. Félicitations pour votre accès en trois langues. Je suis heureux d'accepter mon amitié et j'espère que vous et moi construisez un dialogue fructueux


    I'm on here everyday learning french! Planning to expand a bit as well, I did only start a few days ago but i'm very active haha


    Hey, sure. I'm learning French too.


    sweet! added you


    Hmm, not sure if I might count as active having made only 7k xp in french since I started 15 days ago. If that's enough for you, feel free to add me. Though I'll have to slow down significantly (to 1/3 of my current speed) in two months time I'm afraid.

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