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"That owl was on this farm for a month."

Translation:Aquel búho estuvo un mes en esta granja.

April 17, 2018



Does 'estuvo en esta granja por un mes' work?


I think it should be but it's not. I did receive this correction "Ese búho estuvo en esta granja un mes." I'm not sure why "por" would be incorrect, although it's entirely possible that there is something that I don't know. It also doesn't seem to like lechuza instead of búho.


once I'm told, when we refer we are staying somewhere/ living somewhere, we dont need to use "por"( for) to emphasize duration


"estuvo en esta granja por un mes" was accepted for me on September 1st 2020. But only with "Aquel búho" but not "Ese búho"


No it does not 11.10.2019


same here...why not???


Why does "un mes" in this translation go before "en esta granja?" Is there some kind of rule for this? Would "Aquel búho estuvo en esta granja un mes." be correct?


Anyone know the difference btween using aquel and ese in this case? Would it basically have the same meaning if I were to use ese instead?


As I understand ese refers to something close by (I think of it as being able to point to it), while aquel is more general. Ese libro - that book that we can see Aquel libro - that book that we are talking about


The word bank used Aquel on this, I would've said Ese, bc the context doesn't discern that it was "more removed" from the speaker. I'm confused about aquel and ese in this translation. Any help please?


Yes I chose the same wording and it was noted as "incorrect" but, like you, I am unsure why aquel is correct and ese is not! Ah, the mysteries of Spanish grammar and/or Duo! I reported it.


That Duo can be pretty moody. He wants what he wants when he wants it.


Answers using "aquel" and "ese" are both in the Correct Solutions list


I continually don't know when to put aquel and when to put eso when it says "that." Any tips?


I tend to think of aquel as "that __ over yonder". It's not this one, or that one nearby, but that one far away.


Ese, not eso.


Why is "en esta granja" at the end of the sentence and not "for a month"


Duo only displays one possible answer. If you read the rest of the sentence discussion you will see that other word orders are accepted alternatives.


Buo was marked wrong for owl again answer was lechuza then I put that in and that was wrong also,what gives?


My answer "Ese boho estuvo en esta granja por un mes" was marked wrong. Why?


Búho, not boho. But that should have been counted as a typo.


This was just marked correct for me, although I did use aquel. Not sure why ese would be wrong as it doesn't specify how far away the owl was.


Ese and aquel are the same


More accurately they translate to the same English word ("that").

The Spanish words are used in slightly different contexts, but as we don't know the context from this sentence, either word is accepted.


Buho is funny!

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