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Onboarding - skill assessment is too strict?

Hi, I'm a new user and am learning French. I have a little skill in French, so I can recognise "the spider is eating a butterfly" and type it out in French (ish). But my masculine/feminine recall and position of some accents is a little poor.

But this pushes me back to recognising a picture of a dress as "la robe", and typing out that "l'homme" means "the man" lots and lots of times. It seems like going backwards substantially. So I'm churning through very very basic stuff to get to basic stuff because I'm not perfect on the gender/accents of the basics.

It would be good if one could say "yes, please skip me to this level even if your algorithms think that's bad", or at least let me test out of "basics 1" "basics 2" and "phrases" without having to type araign/ee perfectly on hearing it.

My impression is that early on one might be better to not be penalised so hard for accent / gender errors, but I guess it's the "practice perfectly" paradigm.

Anyway, rant over.

April 17, 2018


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