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April 17, 2018



Dobry den, učíte se hodně češtiny?


I would like to fix your sentence. "Dobrý den, učíte se hodně češtinu?" or "Dobrý den, učíte se hodně česky?


Thank you. I live in the Czech Republic and declinations and conjugations are quite difficult.


I'm ecstatic that FINALLY the CZECH language has arrived on DuoLingo. The only problem I see thus far is that I see it on my desktop but my daughter does not see it on her Android phone? NAZDAR to all you Czech Learners. I speak Czech colloquially. Can't wait to get more involved with the grammatical side. AHOJ.


If she goes to the website on Chrome on Android, and uses the three dots on the left to add it to her homescreen, it works just like the app as per the recent update. Try this and feel free to reply if you have any questions.


I see you are an experient Czech learner! I would like to have you active and sharing experience in this discussion!


Nice to know. The Czech course cannot be seen in the apps because it's still a beta course that wasn't fully released! Mějte se!


Aaah ! I've been waiting for this for a while. It's such a beautiful language.


Yes, it is. I live in the Czech Republic and when it's spoken it looks really nice and cute because they speak very low, with a lot of intonation, etc..


I realize I am not great at Czech but the exercises go on and on at the beginner stage with silly statements like "Yes, good afternoon" and "Yes. Nice Weekend." It's been going on for days and I would like to skip a level and really learn something useful, but don't know how. I am ready to quit.


hi, what you call the beginner stage appears to be just the initial skill. why don't you just finish it to crown level 1 and move on to one of the next skills that open up? once the three circles on the next row change color from grey to either red or purple, you can move on to one of them. i cannot imagine how reaching crown 1 in the first skill could take anyone days.

and if you are not a beginner, you can easily test out of skills by clicking on the appropriate orange oval checkpoints.


Thanks for the tip I am forging ahead.


Zdravím! Česky se učím celý život. Čeština je mým rodným jazykem. Je krásná. Nyní se peru s angličtinou.

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