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"They are the first days of the year."

Translation:Son los primeros días del año.

6 months ago



When I submitted "ellos son los primeros días del año" as my answer, it was marked as incorrect. I'm fairly sure this is simply a missing translation in the system, and reported, but I just want to make sure—is there anything I'm missing here that would make including "ellos" a mistake?

6 months ago


In English we use "they" as a plural of "it" as well as of "he" and "she." ("It was a good day." "They were good days.") It doesn't work the same in Spanish -- "ellos" in this sentence would mean that there are people who are days.

3 months ago


Why is it primeros días, not días primeros?

3 months ago

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Estos son los primeros días del año -was given as a correct answer Aug.20.2018 ..thanks for the heads up Michelle!!! D : )

2 months ago