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Streak freezes being used when not needed?

I seem to be using streak freezes even though I shouldn't need them. If I look at my activity graph, I earned XP everyday except Saturday (So, for that day, the streak freeze was legitimately used.) However, Duolingo seems to be using my streak freezes on days that I have earned XP as well. I believe it used one on Thursday when I logged on to quickly grab 1 XP. And I definitely just bought a new streak freeze yesterday, however I noticed I didn't have one equipped when I logged on today. So, I bought another one and did a couple lessons, earning 24 XP for today, but my streak did not increment.

Also, I have a notification from 5 days ago that says I reached a 60 day streak. I only missed earning XP one day (Saturday), but my current streak is 62. That's not right!

April 22, 2014



Your time zone is set to -0400, American/Detroit. If this is not the current timezone you are in, that might explain the discrepancy.

This is your activity gap:

  • 2014-04-22 04:00:42 · es practice
  • 2014-04-21 02:42:18 · es practice
  • 2014-04-19 03:07:31 · es practice

As you can see, the first practice counted for the 22nd since (with your offset) it was completed at midnight. Your second practice counted for the 20th, since (with your offset) it was completed at 10:42 PM. Hope that clears things up!


Thank you bchan for replying! Physically, I am in the EST timezone, but I had created my account in the CST timezone. My understanding has been that my account's timezone will stay as whatever it was when the account was created. So, I'm not sure why it is now EST, but even so....I use the website, and recently an activity graph has become available. Here is a screenshot of mine:

Activity Graph

If somehow I am missing days because my timezone has changed, I find it strange and unhelpful that my activity graph is reflecting that I have earned points for days that I may have missed. Also, now that it is Tuesday...I have earned XP for Tuesday, but I my streak seems not to have incremented. I am still at 62.

Also, my daughter has an account here. It should be similar to mine -- originally created in the CST time zone although we currently reside in the EST. She doesn't seem to be experiencing the same issue. Her streak has incremented past me even though we are supposedly practicing the same days.


That is very odd. Is your computer set to EST or CST?

I'm in EST and this is what I see for your graph:


I also do see that your streak has been completed for today (Tuesday). If you don't already know, a checkmark on the streak means that you've extended it already.

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