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"We are not allowed to swim here."

Translation:Wir dürfen hier nicht schwimmen.

April 17, 2018



Shouldn't "Wir dürfen nicht hier schwimmen" be accepted?


It's grammatically correct, but unusual. If you say

Wir | dürfen | hier | nicht schwimmen

you negate the verb, which is dürfen. There's emphasis on something not being allowed. If you say

Wir | dürfen | nicht hier | schwimmen

you negate hier, so would only use this if swimming isn't allowed here, but somewhere else. E.g.

Wir dürfen nicht hier schwimmen, aber dort drüben.


Dϋrfen may be translated as “may” and in some cases as “can” in addition to “be allowed”. The emphasis in the sentence might therefore be either: “Wir dϋrfen nicht HIER schwimmen” or “Wir dϋrfen hier nicht SCHWIMMEN”. In the absence of further context, should both not be considered correct?


It seems like german but the last sentence you wrote shouldn't it be:

Wir dürfen nicht hier schwimmen, SONDERN dort drüben. ?


Correct, but the English sentence may imply both, so both should be acceptable.


generally speaking, nicht tends to follow subject, verb and direct object (if any) in a sentence and it tends to precede generic parts of verb at the end. So, we(subject) are not allowed to swim (verb) here(object). So nicht will follow here (object) and precede to swim (which goes to the end)


And if you wanted to emphasize the fact that we are not allowed to swim "here" as opposed to some other location, you could change the word order: "Hier dürfen wir nicht schwimmen."


No, wrong word order. That would be like saying in English: "We may here not swim."


Wir sind nicht erlaubt hier zu schwimmen


That's the wrong case: "Uns ist nicht erlaubt hier zu schwimmen" would be correct but it sounds very old-fashoined. You wouldn't normally use it.


"Hier dürfen wir nicht schwimmen" is correct too. In English you would probably just separate the place and put it infront of the rest of the sentence? "Here, we may not swim"


How would you say "We are allowed to not swim here?"? As in, we're allowed to be here, not swimming (vs. not allowed to swim).

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