"You do not do it either."

Translation:Tu ne le fais pas non plus.

April 17, 2018

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Why not 'Tu ne le fais plus'?

  • Tu ne le fais pas = You don't do it.
  • Tu ne le fais plus = You don't do it anymore.
  • Tu ne le fais pas non plus = You don't do it either


I asked myself the same question. See this link, particularly the reference to: non plus > not (that) either https://www.thoughtco.com/no-in-french-1371322


Tu ne le fais pas aussi it might be a stupid question for someone who has been learning french for 4 years, but is there a reason aussi is incorrect here? I've always used it as as well or too. Is it not possible to use aussi in negation?


Not really. "Non plus" is the negative version of "aussi". Using them interchangeably can get quite confusing.


I wrote this answer without 'pas' I feel confused as to when i should use 'pas'. Help.


French negatives come in 2 words: "ne" + another adverb:

  • ne... pas = not
  • ne... plus = not anymore/not any longer/no more/no longer
  • ne... jamais = not ever/never
  • ne... rien = not anything/nothing
  • ne... personne = not anyone/not anybody/no one/nobody


Nice, tight, & 100% clear. Thanks.


Why le fais and not just fais ...


Because there is an object "it" in the English sentence. That's what "le" is.


I thought "non plus" automatically removes "pas" from the equation. Which is why I thought the correct answer was "Tu ne le fais non plus."


Tu le fais = you do it
Tu ne le fais pas = you don't do it
Tu ne le fais plus = you don't do it anymore/you no longer do it
Tu ne le fais pas non plus = you don't do it either.

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