"I like fish."

Translation:J'aime le poisson.

April 17, 2018

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why is it not ;J'aime du poisson?


Verbs of appreciation (likes or dislikes) such as "aimer" always need a definite article (le, la, l', les) for its object.

  • J'aime le poisson = I like fish
  • Il aime la pizza = He likes pizza
  • Nous aimons les oiseaux = We like birds


It says i like fish, not i like the fish. So "J'aime poisson" should be correct, no?


Not at all. You cannot translate word for word since the two languages have different rules. At the very least, the noun "poisson" needs an article. And as I said above, "aimer" always takes a definite article.


I wrote: "J'aime poisson" and it is not correct. Why we need "le"?


surely fish in this case is plural? j'aime des poisons


Not necessarily. You can like uncountable things: I like chocolate. I like bread. I like meat. I like fish. Also, in sentences like these, the verb “aimer” takes the definite article.


Duolingo-- please change this question. Merci. Or accept: J'aime des poissons. I envisioned a fish take full of LIVE fish. Now I see you mean people are eating these hypothetical fish.


"J'aime des poissons" will never be correct because it's grammatically wrong. The verb "aimer" must take the definite article "les". It doesn't matter what it means. This is a perfectly valid sentence to teach you that rule.


In the Internet I saw: J' aime les poissons. Is it correct? https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091123203456AAq0ebM


Yes, it is correct.

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