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"tlhIngan Qob ghaH tlhIngan 'oj'e'."

Translation:A thirsty Klingon is a dangerous Klingon.

April 17, 2018



Is the place of -'e' arbitrary? Could have i said "... ghaH tlhingan'e' 'oj"?


If a "be" verb is used as an adjective on a noun, then the -'e' goes on the full noun phrase and appears to be on the verb even though it is a noun suffix. It is incorrect to place -'e' on the noun itself when there is a verb acting adjectivally on that noun


If you have a noun followed by a verb acting as an adjective, then type-5 noun suffixes (syntactic suffixes) go on the adjective, not on the noun.

Type-5 noun suffixes include -'e' and -Daq.

So this has to be tlhIngan 'oj'e' with the -'e' on the following verb.

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