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  5. "be' ghaHbe' torgh'e'."

"be' ghaHbe' torgh'e'."

Translation:Torg is not a woman.

April 17, 2018



What is the difference between 'torgh' and 'torgh'e''?


torgh'e' is the form grammatically required in this sort of "A is B" sentences where two nouns are being equated.

So there's no difference in meaning; it's just a grammar rule that you need -'e' in this situation.

A literal translation might be "As for Torg, he—not a woman."

[deactivated user]

    The suffix -'e' marks a noun as the topic and can be literally translated as "as for..." The literal translation of this sentence would then be:

    As-for-Torg, he-not woman.


    "As for Torg, he is not a woman."

    The topicalizer -'e' has to be used because you are using the pronoun ghaH ("he/she/singular they") to mean "to be."

    EDIT: Hadn't seen mizinamo's reply.


    You're doing very well in Klingon! Thanks for your help :)

    What sources are you using besides Duolingo?

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you! I had some experience with the KLI course before this, and have had TKD for a long time. I was also in and out of the Facebook group when I used that site, and make extensive use of Tatoeba.

      I've honestly been waiting for this course for a long time. For a long time I have theoretically understood the grammar of Klingon, in an abstract sense, but it was the vocabulary and specific prefix/suffix memorization that I struggled with.

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