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The french crown system

I had mostly finished French (though was hardly fluent) and was juuuust about to get my all golden achievement before the new system dropped (oh well! I do like this new idea). The one issue I have is I'm going through the system back from the beginning again, and I'm noticing for instance Food 1, The final level has 30!! But the vocab and conjugations are few. That seems like a lot (too much?) for the limited vocabulary present. Though my conjugation of manger has never been better :P

I suppose I can just skip ahead once I feel I've got it, but...

I also like the idea of going one at a time and building into the next one. Therefore Animals 1 incorporates food and all the present verbs learned thus far. Past imperfect should incorporate all the verbs and nouns up through present 3 since you've done all those before. That way all those lessons help reinforce the prior stuff and contribute to the fluency.

In the old system for example, most of the medicine skill was entirely in present tense even though we'd supposedly learned subjunctive, past imperfect, conditional, jerunds, etc by that point, which would be nice to throw in there at that level. Just my 2c. And seems like with the new crown system and all the repetition, it would go a long way at the higher levels. Is this happening? I haven't made it that far yet.

I appreciate all the effort that's gone into this even if nothing changes. My French is leaps and bounds better than it used to be (which was to say not at all :)

April 17, 2018

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The crown system actually enabled me to reach level 25 faster than I thought I would. Also the repetition has been very helpful in understanding French grammar. Bonne chance!

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