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Attempting a reverse tree v.s Redoing current tree under new Crowns system?

I reached level 25 in Spanish (from English) today, Yaay! ( Big thank you to duolingo and the volunteers who created the Spanish tree. It has been fun! )

I am torn between attempting a reverse tree (English from Spanish) or completing my current tree. Because the new Crown’s system was rolled out for me just a week or so ago, I am a long way from re-completing it. (Though I had completed it under the old system)

Any ideas on which might be more beneficial?

Also, here is a gif I made to honour the new Crowns system XD


April 17, 2018



Congratulations on reaching level 25! It shows impressive dedication and effort. If you are looking for practice writing in Spanish then I would suggest doing the reverse tree.( I am aware that you have to type in Spanish in the Spanish from English tree) If you are looking to hone your Spanish skills but feel more comfortable doing it in your own language then completing your current tree would be the way to go!


How many skills is there on your Spanish tree? If there is around 60 you should soon be getting an update to around 100, so more skills for you to do. In the mean time go for the reverse tree. I found the reverse tree very beneficial under the old system.


if this is the case it sounds very exciting, i'm looking forward to it!!


I think the reverse tree is still beneficial.


Congrats! I have been working both Spanish from English (S from E) and English from Spanish (E from S) Trees for about a month. I love it. The E from S Tree is more challenging because most typing is in Spanish. As I tire on one tree I go to the other, several times daily. This way I encounter more grammar, vocabulary and difficulty daily. I suggest testing out of the first section on the E from S Tree to avoid massive repetition of the simplest material.

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The reverse tree has more vocabulary and more complicated sentences at the higher levels. This is different than the reverse tree for French, where the two trees had pretty much the same sentences in the two trees before the most recent update (they said the French to English tree will be updated later, so I assume they will match again later).

So I'd suggest doing the reverse tree (probably only doing the early lessons up to 1 crown so you can get to the higher levels quicker). That is, unless you specifically want to work on verb tenses; for those you'll probably get better practice doing those sections of the "regular" tree.


I finished both trees (level 25 in Spanish and 21 English from Spanish), before the crown system was released. The English was challenging, I thought it would be simple. I am now doing both trees in the new crown system at the same time (from the beginning). The repetition is annoying for the very basics levels, but I have to admit I am learning new stuff over the old system. I actually make more mistakes in the English from Spanish (English is my native language)

Since I work them both so close in levels, they are complementing each other. It is very slow going to progress in both trees at the same time, but there is a lot of different sentence structures between the two.


I'm working on both as well and agree that they complement each other. I recently finished my first pass on all the units in the reserve tree; and then started working on learning the present and imperfect subjunctive in the Spanish tree. I'm almost to level 5 on past subjunctive. The reverse tree doesn't have an English subjunctive skill, but they do pop up in the conditional, modal, and occasionally in other skills. Imperfect subjunctive and conditional are often used together in more complex sentences, so I will probably work on those skills next in the reverse tree.

However, much of the Spanish tree is often very boring for me since it's mostly translate to English. I'm looking forward to the update and hope it comes out soon. Right now, I only do practice in that tree if there is something specific that I want to learn or I repeatedly make the same mistakes over in the reverse tree. For me, it's more a supplement to the reverse tree at present.


However, much of the Spanish tree is often very boring for me since it's mostly translate to English.

What crown levels are you at generally? Have you noticed change to this as you move through them?


I did Spanish and then the reverse. With Crowns I have just crawled back up the tree again and am going to do the reverse again. The Spanish forum is better as most of the answers are by hispanohablantes and the replies tax your brain with real-world sentences and humour.


People's experiences of crowns seem to differ dramatically. I can get the vast bulk of translations into the target language in some trees but much less in others. Other people don't seem to be seeing anything like that anywhere. What you should do depends on what you experience, and if it seems much different than what you experienced before. I certainly wouldn't say target crown level 5 everywhere for the sake of "completing the tree." But if you're finding crown levels 3 or 4 in at least some fraction of the tree challenging, by all means make use of them. It'll probably make sense to intersperse that with the reverse tree to see what works best for you.

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