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"Eu não me olhei no espelho hoje."

Translation:I have not seen myself in the mirror today.

March 23, 2013



Why not " I didn't look at me in the mirror today"? Myself is "eu mesmo"....


Eu mesmo can be "myself", but "me olhei" is also reflexive, thus it's better to use "myself", the reflexive in English.


Often, Portuguese (and Spanish, if I remember correctly) will use a reflexive pronoun that will not necessarily carry over into an English translation. We would not say "I didn't look at me in the mirror" even though that's how it flows in Portuguese. Some acceptable translations: I didn't look at the mirror... I didn't look into the mirror... Duolingo marked that second one wrong, so I reported it to them. (It is incorrect grammar to say, "I didn't look in the mirror" unless you were physically inside the mirror when you looked.)


AmE: "I didn't look in the mirror".

Looking at the mirror can mean looking at the mirror itself.

Looking in the mirror means looking at yourself in the mirror.

Ngram AmE - 2009



I did not look at myself in the mirror today should also work


"I did not look myself in the mirror today" can have a slightly different connotation than "I did not look AT myself in the mirror today". If you can translate those two sentences the same way in Portuguese and would be forced to understand the true meaning by context, then aren't both possible translations?


You need the preposition "at" -> "look at myself".


I wrote "I did not see myself in the mirror today", but that has a different meaning than the intended meaning. This would mean something like, "When I looked in the mirror today, I didn't see myself."

Am I a vampire?!


The mirror could be dirty or broken.


Here's a lingot.


even in turtle mode hardly to understand


Suggested translation: "I didn't look at in the mirror today." What?


Fascinating sentence..it means 1) he did not pay attention to himself also 2) he looked strange to himself ...I wonder there can be a 3rd meaning of not seeing himself by reason of a vision impediment.


Can't we say "I didn't see me in the mirror today"?


Para falar de si mesmo, necessita usar o pronome reflexivo: myself.


I tried " I did not look into the mirror today" was marked wrong, but sounds right to me. Any suggestions?

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