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report mostly does not work

German - I am using Mac on Snow Leopard - Report feature does not work

April 22, 2014



What report is that? I have not seen any reporting functions on DL but that may be my misunderstanding of the problem.


I am refer to the box at the bottom of the page when you have made an error. There are a number of occasions in the German lessons where a correct answer is excluded but I cannot report the faults. I would say I have come across at least thirty or more in seven levels, The German lessons however are truly excellent and one learns to tolerate such eccentricities. The silliest little one that comes up is not recognising that in English one can say hallo or hello - that is the most minor error.

It does make it difficult for someone like me who is ging through the course to grammatcally rebuild and extend existing knowledge. But I wish i had had this program thirty years ago


Hah, I see. Sorry but I very rarely use the web for lessons, preferring the app on my iPhone and iPad. I hope you can get an answer soon.

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