"Nous aimons le brouillard."

Translation:We like the fog.

April 18, 2018

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Why does "We love the fog" not count?


"aimer" when applied to things means "to like", but when applied to people means "to love"

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    Lol all i heard was noud aimons le booyah!


    I translated this into 'We like the mist' and got it wrong so I looked up what Google says mist is in French and it says 'brouillard' but going into Collins it was 'brume'.

    Please clarify who is correct. See below. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/clouds/fog/difference-mist-and-fog The difference between mist and fog is visibility (how far you can see through it). If visibility is less than 1,000 metres we call it 'fog' and if visibility is greater than 1,000 metres we call it 'mist'.

    We call this visibility and its an important part of forecasts affecting many aspects of life from driving conditions to shipping and aviation.


    you're right, I sent a rapport

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