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"The food goes through the throat to the stomach."

Translation:Het eten gaat door de keel naar de maag.

5 months ago


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"Het eten gaat door de keel naar de maag toe" is not accepted. Is that "toe" incorrectly placed? Not sure when it's necessary, optional, or correct to use "naar ... toe" and where to put the "toe"

5 months ago


"Toe" expresses direction; "het eten gaat naar de maag toe" means that while the food goes towards the general direction of the stomach, it might have stopped along the way somewhere or something else might have occured causing it to not reach the stomach itself. "Het eten gaat naar de maag" means that the food goes towards the stomach and actually arrives there as well. Using "toe" isn't really incorrect here imo, just redundant.

5 months ago