"She is eating a strawberry."

Translation:Elle mange une fraise.

April 18, 2018

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I misspelt one letter


I dint understand the difference between mange, mangez, and mangeons, i know rhet have different meanings but i dont understand them.


They are different conjugations of the same verb. English conjugation of "To eat" I eat You eat He/she eats** We eat They eat We don't have as many different conjugations in English as Latin based languages (French, Spanish, etc) do, so its easier to learn English in that aspect and harder for us to remember when learning a new language. Manger conjugations: I eat: Je mange You (informal) eat: Tu manges He/She eats: Il/Elle mange We eat: Nous mangeons You (formal) eat: Vous mangez They eat: Ils/Elles Mangent So essentially its all the same word, just different spellings for different people eating!


Mange is used with il and elle. Mangez is used with vous. Mangeons is used with vous. Different verbs for different pronous.


It’s really hard to remember


I got this one correct

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