"We always put on comfortable clothes."

Translation:Siempre nos ponemos ropa cómoda.

8 months ago



Once again caught by putting in an article..."LA ropa". Can someone tell me if it is always true that there is no article needed after a reflective verb?

3 months ago


I think the rule you propose--no articles after reflexive verbs--is too broad to be correct. But I honestly don't know why the direct article isn't used here.

2 months ago


I was marked wrong with the above answer, and was shown "siempre nos usamos ropa comoda'. Not sure how you can use clothes except to wear them. Reported!

8 months ago


To wear is usar, to put on is ponerse. They are similar, but not the same.

7 months ago


I was also marked as wrong typing in "ponemos" saying I should have used "usamos" despite it being written "Translation: Siempre nos ponemos ropa comoda" ...

6 months ago


Confused! Originally, I answered "siempre ponemos ropa confortable," and it was marked wrong. Then, on the next try, I answered "siempre nos ponemos ropa confortable" and it was correct.

Isn't the "nos" optional?

And it does appear that "ponemos" and "usamos" are interchangeable here, as are "comoda and confortable."

3 months ago


No, the "nos" is not optional. Reflexive verbs always include an "object pronoun" (Anybody, is that the right term?): me, te, se or nos.

"Ponerse" and "usar" have the same relationship as "to put on" and "to wear" in English. One might use them interchangeably in some contexts, but they really aren't precisely the same.

2 months ago
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