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""a"", ""en"", ""de"", ""por"", ""para""? Any good help on when to use?

I'm having a terrible time in figuring out when to use a or en or de or por or para in sentences? Can anyone give me some good advice? Thank you!

April 18, 2018



These are beautiful! Thank you very much!


spanish dict is also great to because they have pronunciation of all the words. I always keep that open on 1 tab when using duolingo. There are also a few quizes on there


To elaborate on the por, para thing, I think of "por" as being more like "because of" or "through". Where as "para" is more like "intended for" or "towards"


Always check when you get a wrong answer. For Spanish, go to Spanishdict.com and check with the three translating engines. A lot of times, you may also be right, just not what Duolingo is wanting.


Como puedes hacer 2880 XD en una semana ,cuanto tiempo le dedicas a esto? eres increíble. te felicito


personally i do not think it is worth worrying too much about these words, i have found my usage of function words like these just naturally improve over time without the need to specifically focus on leaning them. It a bit like when people learn English and they hit the well of despair which are phrasal verbs.

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