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  5. "law' qoqmey."

"law' qoqmey."

Translation:The robots are many.

April 18, 2018



Could law' qoqmey also mean "There are many robots"? This answer was not accepted, although that I note that Duo accepted ngemvamDaq puSqu' bo'Degh for "There are very few birds in this forest".


I would say so. I've added it to the list of accepted answers.


I'm confused. If {wej qoqmey} translates to 3 robots, why can't {law' qoqmey} translate to many robots?


Because wej is a number, and, as such, goes before the thing being counted. And law' is a verb meaning "to be many" and thus, when used before a noun in a sentence, gets conjugated to "are many." To use it as an adjective describing the noun (as you suggest with "many robots"), it would have to go after the noun being described: qoqmey law' "many robots".

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