"The knights hear the bird."

Translation:Azantyssy hontī rȳbis.

April 18, 2018

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One (like me) would think that it would be "honti", but it's not because "hontes" ends with an "s" which almost always indicates that it's a noun of solar gender. The accusative singular is declined the same as the accusative plural. They are both "hontī". So the High Valyrian translation of "The knights hear the birds" would look the same as above.

Note: I tried to delete this thread but all I was able to delete was my comment, so I stuck in this new comment in case anybody else couldn't understand why "honti" wasn't working as the accusative (direct object) singular. There are similar and better explanations in the discussion area for this word/gender.

That is to say: There is nothing wrong with the question. Do not adjust the contrast, vertical, or horizontal.....

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