"L'homme a une nouvelle cravate."

Translation:The man has a new tie.

April 18, 2018

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when the answer field says 'write the french you hear' and i write in french, it marks my answer incorrect and says the correct answer is the english translation, but when i try writing the english translation, it says 'you wrote in english' and asks me to try again. the same thing happened with 'the lemon has a yellow color'. help? is this a programming error?


Did you have to write the answer you hear for this question? Maybe the question tell you which language to write. Read carefully


nouvelle is not one of the BAGS, why it is before the noun and not after


for the beauty / age / goodness / size mnemonic, i was taught that age includes young/old AND new/old. but it is just a mnemonic, and not a universal rule; there are exceptions, as explained here http://www.dummies.com/languages/french/how-to-place-of-french-adjectives-correctly/

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