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  5. "It is military food."

"It is military food."

Translation:Es comida militar.

March 23, 2013



this is the second sentence that has requested a specific phrasing different from what I had learned in my classes. alimento vs comida - I had debated which to enter - I do not understand why the two are not essentially synonymous. Given that 6 years of studying spanish has not given me the insight to determine how to choose between the two. Can anyone shed light how one chooses which word?


Alimento would be something like "edible stuff", whilst comida is used more on the meaning of "meal" or "ready food". To give you an example un pez es alimento, pero no comida. Un pescado es comida.

In Spanish, food stores are called: tiendas de alimentacion. There you can buy "goods" that can be transformed into "meals".

It is indeed a blurry concept, especially when thinking in English as somehow you can argue that alimientación somehow contains comida , but comida does not contain alimentación.

I can't assure that Duolingo is fault free though, some maybe there are some odd situations, but that's the difference.


Great! that helps a lot. we never learned something like a "food store" - we learned bakery "panederia" or market "supermercado" or ... And living in the DC area - the stores are still labelled that way - but I see "pasteleria" more than panederia. - Maybe I just like cakes better than bread. ;)


Allow me a small correction: is "panadería" no "panedería" :)


Thanks! obviously I can't speel. ;) Nor hear my vowels well somedays.


Well, the old model of a small shop in the neighbourhood to buy basic supplies is certainly dying in Spain. Everybody goes to supermarkets nowadays, so some of the vocabulary related is actually disappearing... at least in Spain and let me tell you that, given the economic situation, it's not going to get any better.

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