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Are we going to see stories in Hungarian any time soon?

Hi, Duolingo has recently launched 'Stories' (Labs). I've been experimenting with it a bit, and I can testify it's an extraordinarily good way to learn and practice a language, maybe even better than the boring sentences (at least more fun and more useful).

Anyway, my question here is, are we going to see stories for more languages (Hungarian) any time soon? Is there such plans? Time lines?

Thank you so much! Duolingo is the best language learning course in the world.

April 18, 2018


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Currently, there are stories for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French. They are all origially Doulingo-made "In-house" languages. I don't see that they would want to add other languages.


Yes, Hungary may be a small unimportant country but it's a language that more people are beginning to want to learn


------- especially if one is married to a hungarian . . .

Big 14 jun 18


Are there such plans? weitzhandler has a good point. Resorting to and utilizing other resources or modes of interaction (i.e.,in learning a language), such as listening (to music lyrics) or viewing videos, conversational and/or writing experiments, reading various matter, etc, does expand our knowledge. Yes, thanks to Duolingo!

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