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"Die Elefanten leben in Asien und in Afrika."

Translation:The elephants live in Asia and in Africa.

April 18, 2018



Why The Elephants? While this is talking about a fact and elephants in general?


These elephants apprently have a house in asia and a holiday home in africa.


    This sentence is evidently talking about specific elephants.


    I translated it as "Elephants live in Asia and Africa"--and it was accepted. Though the English "Elephants live..." can mean some indeterminate group, I think it more often is used in cases like this to refer to the class of elephants-as-a-whole. So, I wonder if the German "Die Elefanten" is ambiguous between referring to a specific subset of elephants, or to the class of elephants-as-a-whole.


    It's the same in the German sentence as in the English one: with the article it sounds like they're talking about specific elephants.


    but not if you write "Elephants live in asia and in africa"!


    "The elephants live in Asia and in Africa" is a generalized description, where all the elephants live.

    I think, a better and more usual kind of expression in English and also in German would be: "Elephants live in Asia and in Africa" and "Elefanten leben in Asien und Afrika" without the definite articles before the noun.


    Is the second "in" as disposable in the German sentence as it is in the English one? i.e. "Die Elefanten leben in Asien und Afrika".

    It "feels" fine to me!


    Your feeling is right ;)

    [deactivated user]

      The elephants live in Asia and in Africa - and in zoos.


      Using "the" changes the meaning of the sentence. I thought they meant "elephants'' in general.


      Why not 'wohnen'?


      Hi David. As a general rule, "wohnen" is reserved for human beings because it is about "residing" rather than existing.


      Ah so, it's like freßen vs eßen.


      May I correct your spelling? It's "fressen" and "essen" :)


      Again marked wrong for Duo's rubbish English . Only a foreigner would accept Duo's translation. "The elephants" is wrong as it implies a single species whereas Asian elephants live in Asia and African elephants in Africa ..Two separate species or at least subspecies. Also the second in whilst correct would normally be dropped.

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