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"¿Aprendiste a manejar ese barco?"

Translation:Did you learn to drive that boat?

April 18, 2018



"pilot" should be correct here.


Duo just accepted "steer" 11/20/2018




Sail would exclude motorboats / non-sail boats, whereas 'pilot' or 'steer' are inclusive to motored and sail boats.


I am curious as to what your native language is? Traveling on cruise lines is referred to as "sailing" when they leave port regardless of the fact the ships in question do not use sails. A google search in quotes "sailed on the Queen Mary" produced 168,000 hits. And see this: https://cruiseradio.net/bahamas-travel-ban-forces-cruise-line-to-cancel-sailings/ . The accompanying photo showed a dock lined with large non sail cruise ships. Large passenger ships do "sail" regardless of the fact that they are not propelled by sail.


My best guess (and it is just a gut feeling) is that 'to sail (on a boat)' the way you describe is a passive passenger-like activity and it can be applied to any type of boat/ship, while 'to sail a boat' is an active sailor-like activity and can be applied more or less only to sailboats.


No one who knows anything about boats would use the word drive!

[deactivated user]

    Yeah but evidently in Spanish you drive the boat...


    No, in Spanish you don't drive the boat. You manejar the boat. You can't equate drive and manejar, as this exercise demonstrates. Sometimes "drive" is the best English translation of "manejar," and sometimes it's not. Spanish is not a different encoding of English. It's a whole different language and culture, and the meanings and uses of a word in Spanish are not going to be the same as for some English word, even the word that's most often the best translation. Manejar doesn't mean drive. It means manejar.


    It would be "handle" in English. Flying, driving and sailing are all specific to the type of vehicle whereas handling can mean the use of any object. I'd look at manejar as a general verb that can be used to describe the use of something but do you know if it's specific to vehicles or could you manejar a blender?


    No, "manejar" is not specific to vehicles; however, I have no idea whether a native Spanish speaker would automatically choose "manejar" to talk about operating a small kitchen appliance. In general, "manejar" can be used to talk about operating machinery or handling affairs.

    I assume "usar" would be more common for talking about using a blender. Or, you could use an action verb like "batir" or "mezclar" to describe how you're using the blender.


    Do you? I use pilotar for boats. But then again, I use conducir for cars... Anyone knows the American usage?


    Yes, but they are asking for the english translation.

    [deactivated user]

      Great.... so when I learn pilot I'll be confused with drive.


      In English, you don't drive a boat. You sail or pilot it.


      Apparently "sail" requires a different word. However, in speaking of the kind of small boat most of us are used to, we wouldn't say we "drive" the boat -- in America, at least.


      Duo accepted "Did you learn to sail that boat?" 14 March 2019.

      [deactivated user]

        Great.. so now when I learn sail I believe I'll be confused with drive..


        "Drive" is awkward here in English, as discussed, but does "manejar" share any of that awkwardness in Spanish?


        According to my resident expert (wife) manejar is fine in Spanish and google returns 64000 returns for "manejar el barco."


        Thank you Tom, this is the only question that people should really be asking here.


        I learned how to drive that boat right after I learned how to fly that car.


        To stay out of the specifications of "sailing" or "driving" they could have simply said: 1. Pilot the boat. Or an even closer translation to the Spanish equivalent: 2. Manage the boat. 3. Handle the boat...etc


        Manejar literally means handle so it can be for any vehicle ,boat,even machine.it is not the exact equivalent of driving in english

        [deactivated user]

          So now I'll be confused with pilot, steer, drive and whatever else you guys expect it to be. In Spanish they drive the boat and in the United States of America you could say drive the boat.even if it's not that common who cares we're learning Spanish here.


          Who drives a boat?


          A person who is at the steering wheel of a motorized boat meant for pleasure, like a speedboat or a yacht, and who operates the boat, "drives" it. Look it up.


          That's irrelevant. The issue is, why doesn't Duolingo accept "pilot the boat"?


          Do you drive a sailing boat? I think you could use "manovrr"


          No, in English, you "sail," "handle the tiller" or "take the helm" on a sailboat. I guess Duo is trying to combine all of that by using manejar, but would pilotar work better?


          Did you learn? Is different than Have you learned?


          I used 'manage' is that not a general verb to be used in handling/controlling something?


          Iste ending??


          one " steers" a boat not drive


          one " steers· a ship ?


          In general for learning simple spanish at this level, the corresponding english phrase is that you sail a boat....everything else even though theoretically correct is somewhat silly to consider.......Sorry!


          Why is the 'a' needed here? doesn't manejar mean 'to drive' it seems like it says 'did you learn to to drive the boat?'


          We often think in English with English rules. In Spanish when you have two infinitives like here, the "a" is necessary to separate them.


          Christophe, that's often true but not always. Also, the preposition is not always a.

          See the following: http://spanishplus.tripod.com/VerbsandPrepositions.htm and https://users.pfw.edu/jehle/courses/vrbsprep.htm

          The jehle document has a list of verbs that do not require a preposition after a conjugated verb when followed by an infinitive. See Section VII.


          Is there something wrong with "Have you learnt to drive that boat" or is it just a missing translation?


          seriously anyone else here would DRIVE a boat instead of STEERING it??


          "To Sail" would be the correct verb in English. "Did you learn to sail this boat?". "To Drive" is usually applied to road vehicles.


          you don't say "drive" a boat


          I don't think you "drive" a boat. you "sail" it. I think "drive" is wrong.


          Oh yeah? Watch this! driving boat noises

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