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I need help translating a few sentences.

I tried translating it on my own but i'm pretty sure it's not good so I would really appreciate if somebody could give me a precise translation of this text:

Le roman,le théâtre,ont un public restreint.Par le cinéma,on touche plus de spectateurs,on a le sentiment d'être en prise directe.Cela a un sens lorsque l'on identifie la création à un combat(en vue de la justice,d'une réforme des institutions ou des mœurs).

April 18, 2018



You need to put a space after every comma and period, for starters. That will make it easier to read.

Is "Le roman et le theatre" the subject of the first sentence? If so, get rid of the commas. Or put "Le roman, le theatre: ce sont..." Every verb in French needs a subject.

I think you have to say "restraint public" because adjectives usually follow the noun. And as far as I can tell, "restraint" is not a French word.


"Un public restreint" is correct. The noun is "public", meaning "the public" or perhaps "the audience", and the adjective is "restreint", not a common word but meaning "limited" or "narrow".


The novel, the theater, [these] have a narrow audience. With film, more people are reached, there is the feeling of being in direct contact. So it makes sense when creation is identified with a struggle (for justice, for an institutional or moral reform).

I would need more context to do better, but it seems to be setting up an argument for movies as advocacy, or maybe decrying the idea that movies are seen as advocacy.


Le Roman- the novel le theatre- the theater Par le cinema- for the movies

Now on the second second sentence in parentheses I kind of understand what it's saying but not 100% because I could be wrong. I can base some of the words off of Spanish since it's my native language. the parentheses means "In the view of Justice, a reform of institutions where they die". I hope this kind of helps.

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