"Where are the bathrooms?"

Translation:Où sont les toilettes ?

April 18, 2018

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the meaning that is given is not what is asked. Why is " Ou sont les salle de bains?" wrong?


The plural of "la salle de bain" would be "les salles de bain," but that was marked incorrect for me.


I had the same, but the English word given is "bathrooms"


I do not get it. 'ou est la salle de bain' surely is singular and I was marked as wrong for the literal translation!!


Question: why are so many not getting the difference between "les toilettes" and "la salle de bain" on all bathroom related things?


Why don't we say ; why do we say out sont les toilettes rather than ou est les toilettes ? Please need help here


I just got marked wrong for using les salle de bains. I think it is because of the usual American version of English that is used on Duo. In Australia and I think also in England the word' bathroom' means the actual bathroom where there is a bath and/or shower and a basin. There may or may not also be a toilet. In the US when people ask 'where is the bathroom' they are really asking 'where are the toilets'. Both answers should be marked correct.


I know this is an old discussion but the issue is still relevant when we are getting marked wrong for a correct answer.

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