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"Eu acho que sabemos como reduzir as ações do tráfico."

Translation:I think we know how to reduce the actions of trafficking.

March 23, 2013



Is this supposed to mean traffic accidents, or literally the actions of trafficking, e.g. drug trafficking?


The second option -- drug trafficking. Traffic in portuguese means "tráfego", and traffic jam "congestionamento"


English is not my mothertongue so I would like to know why the que may not be translated with that


To make it easier,see this way: if right after "that" you find a noun/name/pronoun, you can ommit. "You know (that) John likes you", "i wish (that) my father didn't smoke", "the film that is playing..." in this last example you cant ommit. In poruguese you just cant ommit "que"

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