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If it works don't change it

Four items from the end of my "tree" and they change the format! I was so proud of myself, now its all gone and I have to start all over again with the basics and re- build the tree!! coupled with that, the 'health thing' is ridiculously short, .....miss an apostrophy, put a le instead of la and the whole session is lost unless you pay for more with credits.......hardly motivating is it?.... Is anyone else so frustrated/angry/ disillusioned with the way duolingo has proceeded? I think I may just unsubscribe and look for another site of similar kind. greetings to everyone on the discussions forum, I wish you all well and success in your endeavors. grandyma73

April 18, 2018

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I apologise for the unhelpful harsh remarks, but at 75 years old and battling with dementia ,(learn a language they said, it helps keep the brain active) it had taken me 2 years to get that far on my learning tree only to lose it and have to start again from the beginning.maybe this clarifies my disappointment. My thanks to Jacob for your input which I have taken on board.

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