"Je ne vois pas bien, malgré mes lunettes."

Translation:I do not see well, despite my eyeglasses.

April 18, 2018

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A French native told me that this sentence sounds very unatural. They would use malgré for something negative (I'm going outside despite the rain, which I don't like but doing anyway) and pourtant for things like this, where your glasses are helpful, but don't seem to be helping in that moment. Can anybody confirm or deny that?


Here are also some examples on where we make a better usage of ''malgré''

In spite of everything, I still don't like him --> Malgré tout, je ne l'aime toujours pas

In spite of the fact that he's healthy, he can't run --> Malgré le fait qu'il soit en santé, il ne peut pas courir.


I agree this sounds a little weird, but at the same time, it is not grammatically incorrect. However, saying ''Je ne vois pas bien, pourtant mes lunettes'' like your friend suggests is 100% wrong. ''Malgré'' is a word rarely used in french. I know the exercise here is to practice the word ''malgré'' but here's some other ways you could express the same thing

Je ne vois pas bien, même si je porte mes lunettes (I do not see well, even if I wear my glasses)

Je ne vois pas bien, même avec mes lunettes (I do not see well, even with my glasses)


"I do not see properly..." Is it "properly" an accurate adverb here? Thanks


I'm pretty sure it's not. Usually, "bien" translates as "well". It does have the same meaning in English, just not the same translation.

Edit: It may be correct as a translation, I'm not sure because I found that "bien" is listed as one of the translations of "properly." Click here to go to WordReference's page on "properly"


thanks ihelpyou


How can I hear apart bois and vois...?


"Bois" has a "b" sound at the start and "vois" has a "v" sound at the start. I would suggest listening to DL saying both of these words carefully to get used to how they say it.


Eyeglasses? I doubt I have every heard spectacles described thus.

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