"These are a few of our best friends."

Translation:Ce sont quelques-uns de nos meilleurs amis.

April 18, 2018

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why not "ces sont"?


When ''These'' is used as a demonstrative determinant, it is replaced by ''ces''

These books -- ces livres

These countries -- ces pays

In the case of ''these are'', ''these'' is the pronoun of the verb to be, so the translation is ''ce''


"Ces" is an adjective, not a pronoun. It cannot be the subject of a sentence. "Ces sont" does not exist. "Ce" is the pronoun you need.


''Ces'' is not an adjective.. beautiful, big, high, dark are adjectives... ''Ces'' is a determinant


For new learners it is just much easier to use two different terms for words having two different functions in a sentence. Regrouping them into one just makes it more confusing

Here's an example

La vieille dame porte sa nouvelle bague dorée (The old lady is wearing her new golden ring)

Student: Can you please tell me the classification of each word

Teacher: sure!

La = Adjective

Vieille = also adjective

Dame = noun

Porte = verb

Sa = Another adjective

Nouvelle = That's.. an ajective

Bague = noun

Dorée = Adjective, of course.

Student: Thanks fam!


Why does this not work? "ce sont quelques de nos meilleurs amis"


"Quelques" is an adjective. "Quelques-uns" is a pronoun. Both mean "some" or "a few", but the pronoun is what the sentence needs.


Is there a reason why one cannot use "un peu" to mean "a few"? I said "Ce sont un peu de nos meilleurs amis" and I was wrong, so can someone tell me why I was wrong?


why reject 'quelqu'unes de nos meilleures amies'


There is no "quelqu'unes". It is "quelques-unes".

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