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Does German have an adjective word order like English?

I mean how we put certain types of adjectives before others in English.

If you don’t understand what I mean, think “The big red house” vs “The red big house” (Only 1st is correct)

April 18, 2018



In german both would be correct but the stress of the sentence changes and often one version is more common than the other.

Das grosse rote Haus - more common

Das rote grosse Haus - here the stress is on red - maybe there are several big houses and you talk about the red one

and the version with a comma Das rote, grosse Haus - here both facts are equal and there could be a list with many more adjectives like Das rote, grosse, hässliche Haus


I never thought about it but I think the adjective you feel more important about should come at first and may be a little bit more emphasized. It was never wrong in my life.

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