[Android Clubs] WARNING: New App Version V3.77.5 from 04/13/2018 removes many useful club functions

Hello all,

Don't upgrade from last DuoLingo Android App V3.72.2 to new V3.77.5 from 04/13/2018.


  • no club lists: old feature has been removed
  • new IOS feature "Find me a (random) club" replaces old list/join functionality (bad stuff swaps over from IOS to the Android plattform)
  • no club titel and description is visible in the leaderboard
  • new users can not appropriately choose their club according to club titel and description
  • And the most important: No user is anymore aware of weekly / daily XP challenges or changes!!!

Full thread comment written in German (native speaker):

Will try to translate full text into English in the next couple of days (and/or on request).

Take care.

Best regards

April 18, 2018


I came here just to see if anyone had said anything about this. Thanks a lot for posting!

April 18, 2018

I don't mean to be rude, but what the hell are they doing? It seems to me like they're just slowly removing all of the good features and not adding much new things...

April 19, 2018

New App Version V3.77.5 from 04/13/2018 removes many useful club functions

This is not caused by the version of the Android App. It is an A/B test in your account.
In my 10 test accounts, three accounts show your issue.

new users can not appropriately choose their club according to club titel and description

Probably, that is the cause of "too many people have 0 XP in my club"

April 19, 2018

Crazy. Your German post has been deleted

April 19, 2018

Error 404? Maybe it works later / another day.

The German thread is still there in my follower list and I can open it with Firefox V52.7.3 (32-bit).

Well, I tried to stay calm as much as possible in my German writing....but probably I have used one to two words not on the very neutral side......and Duo's blacklist system might have taken over? ;)

Very hard for me to stay neutral / immun with features going downhill when I am myself affected as a club admin....

April 19, 2018

and Duo's blacklist system might have taken over? ;)

I also get an error 404 (Firefox on Android).
If this is caused by using words that are on Duolingo's blacklist, then only the author is able to read that discussion.

April 19, 2018

Pentaan linked this in another thread App update for Android forces portrait mode

  • A) V3.77.5 additionally has the problem that the scrolling in the Club Leaderboard (for screenshots) freezes for me.

  • B) V3.77.5 has problem with writing text in the clubs (freeze / I have to go to Android "Home" and then switch back to the app).

  • C) I think I remember that one of the previous app versions (my latest before was V3.72.2?) gave the same above error B) that the text reproduceably freezes when I freely typed a new comment in my club...I could not completely write (finish) my text like with some older versions. Would have to re-test with V3.72.2 and V3.6.x.

My personal feeling is, that quality of newer app versions goes downhill...especially when I need to use the app with Android emulators like KOPlayer.

Staff seems to directly release from the trunk/master developer branch without any previous 2-4 weeks testing phase (or can not re-test the app for older Android OSes) :-(

April 27, 2018

I posted this to "What's new in V3.90.1 update" thread$comment_id=28031953

Quote 40ShadesOfGreen: Are you using the latest version (3.90.1) of the Android app? If yes, then that must be yet another A/B test because I haven't seen the winners' XPs either in the past few versions of the app.
However, that would be odd because I am working now also with an outdated Android app (3.56.1) and the winners' XPs in the same club are still displayed there.

Are you using the latest version (3.90.1) of the Android app?

No! I was on V3.80.2.

This version already supports the great club member detail profile page from the leaderboard.

But I tested V3.90.1 today.

The club page got a new block layout (compared to V3.80.2)...I see no benefit; I do not like it that much.

I still have a quite bad duplicate/triple input letter bug on V3.80.2+V3.90.1 for a few specific listening exercises on translations (not all) on KOPlayer Android emulator V1.4.1055; it is there since multiple mobile app versions...either it is DuoLingo or KOPlayer (some typing challenges actually work, club freestyle board write work too).

because I haven't seen the winners' XPs

As you said, 1st top winner XP got removed.

In V3.80.2 I was able to successfully backscroll five weeks in club history and see the alltime top winner.

either in the past few versions of the app

Oh, that is actually quite bad.

Now the question is, in what version between V3.80.2 and V3.89.0 the winner XP announcement got removed.

I definitely will have to re-test the newer club member detail page from the leaderboard (available in V3.80.2) for V3.72.2 (<3.77.5 from 04/13/2018).

Did V3.56.1 to V3.72.2 have that great new feature (maybe an A/B test activates it)?

At least the older versions up to V3.72.2 can show club title and club description.
V3.80.2 could not!

July 16, 2018

It's just developers doing their best to ruin the whole Duolingo... I don't get it. There are so many things to add/fix, but their choice is to remove everything we love. Nice!

April 18, 2018

You NAILED IT! I want my club and it's games and challenges back.

January 18, 2019


April 19, 2018

Thomas! You've been yapping your head off, but haven't found time to answer the question posted here! Ein Antwort bitte! ;)

June 4, 2019

think v3.78.2 will be any better?

April 21, 2018

I would not believe so....updates get worser and worser...not better.

I need to downgrade again from V3.77.5.

For the "portrait mode" V3.72.2 was OK.

I did not have before those problems with no visible club titel/description in the leaderboard with V3.72.2, but got them when I upgraded to V3.77.5.
How can this be??

But Pentaan wrote to me in 2+ threads that this is a stupid A/B test.

I will try to re-test with an older Android app version.

April 21, 2018

How does one downgrade? Thank you!

January 18, 2019

Yes...Can you tell us how to downgrade pleeeze? .

May 27, 2019
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