"Le chat va et vient de la chambre au salon."

Translation:The cat is coming and going from the bedroom to the living room.

April 18, 2018

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This sentence is confusing me. How is it coming and going from the bedroom to the living room? Wouldn't it be more like 'the cat moves between the bedroom and the living room'?


Could the French version not state "vient et va" to match the English translation or do the French always say it this way? Going and coming in French. Coming and going in English? I translated it literally and it was marked wrong.

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    I'd like to know too if "va et vient" has a fixed order in French.


    Yes it does - which is presumably why Duo has included it in the exercises. In English we come and go: in French we go and come. Worth making a note, because Duo slips it in now and then elsewhere to see if we're still awake!


    It comes and goes BETWEEN the bedroom and the living room. Later - this version was marked correct in the very next, tile, exercise - and then wrong again in the following "type your own". You can't come and go only in one direction!


    It's glitching and my text is going onto the words you are supposed to translate


    First of all if I do a straight translation of va et vient, it is "going and coming". But that translation will be marked wrong to match the American English of "coming and going". Ok. Got it. Translate to Am. Eng. Yup. Non. Next you REQUIRE THE FRIGGIN "THE" BEFORE THE ROOM NAME in a situation where ce n'est pas neccessaire en L'englais, Americain. Decide.


    no big difference ? it's a dual action anyway!!!! come and go, go and come


    But it was marked wrong by duolingo when i translated the "va et vient" as going and coming. it was the other way around.


    I thought va is going and vient coming but here is vice versa ?!???

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      We just say it the other way around in English.



      Duo translated living room as lounge lol


      I translated it literally and it was marked wrong.

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        Read the sequence

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          "Va et vient" is "going and coming", no?

          As the comment above said, it was marked wrong. ?? Im confused.

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            Because we always say "come and go" and not "go and come".



            Why is comes and goes not correct? How do we differentiate between goes and comes vs going and coming?


            The cat comes and goes from bedroom to living room: is a better translation I think. It scans much more naturally.

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