"What are the children looking for?"

Translation:Que cherchent les enfants ?

April 18, 2018



Why not: "Qu'est-ce que cherchent les enfants?"

June 29, 2018


After quest ce que and est ce que, you shoudnt change the word order to question form. The correct form is quest ce que les enfants cherchent.

September 4, 2018


This is also what I wrote

August 1, 2018


Having trouble with questions like this. Say it's "who" instead of "what" then the sentence would be "qui cherchent les enfants" what if I want to switch it up and as "who is looking for the children." How do I say that

April 18, 2018


I think that would be :Qui est ce que cherche les enfants. Im not quite sure of course.

September 4, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Does "Que les enfants cherchent-ils?" work?

    May 24, 2018


    No. After que the verb and subject should be replaced. Que cherchent les enfants is the correct form. Or qu'est ce que les enfants cherchent. Theres no "ils" used.

    September 4, 2018


    If I'm not wrong children are subject, looking for is the verb. Why is the verb before the subject

    August 23, 2018


    Because its a question. The word order changes after question words. Similar to english. Except for the sentences using est que and quest ce que,in which theres no change in order.

    September 4, 2018


    This is strange to a native English speaker because it looks as if you are asking "What is looking for the children?" :)

    September 14, 2018


    It wouldn't accept "regarder". I did not use the word bank, and it even suggested "regarder".

    September 19, 2018


    When you hover over "looking for" they spelled cherchent "cherchant".

    February 9, 2019


    Why is "Que est ce que les enfants cherchent" wrong?

    February 25, 2019


    correct answers: - qu'est ce que les enfants cherchent? - les enfant cherchent quoi? - que cherchent les enfants?

    March 1, 2019
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