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Adjective endings

German grammar is known for being tricky and as for me, adjective endings is one of the most challenging parts of it. So I found this amazing table explaining every bit you should know to fully master them:


Happy learning!

April 18, 2018



I just checked it out. It is useful. Danke. Hier. Habe einen Lingot? Oder Habe ein Lingot??????? Ich weiss nicht in welchem Fall ein Lingot ist!!!!Himmel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh now i am even more confused!!!!Thanks anyway have three lingots for making me puzzle!


...habe ein lingot is an incomplete sentence. correct it would be "ich habe ein lingot" - i have a lingot (habe is 1. person sing) so it does not work if you want to give something away.

you can say: Da hast du ein lingot (resp: Da haben Sie ein lingot if you want to be formal) or better: Nimm ein lingot (take a lingot) (resp: Nehmen Sie ein lingot)

ich habe - i have

du hast- you have (informal sing)

er/sie/es hat - he/she/it has

wir haben -we have

ihr habt - you have (informal plural)

sie/Sie haben - they have / you have (formal sing+ pl.)


Danke :D And I think since Lingot is a loan word, it's neutral and so it should be ein Lingot


    You might like my 'explanation' about adjective endings, then: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21195697

    Also, note that in that table the example about the tiger and the lion uses the wrong verb form. It should be bei├čt rather than bisst, which is a preterite form belonging to a different pronoun.

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